Thursday, June 23, 2016

A Deer On The Side Of The Road...

As I drove home from work around 3:30pm this afternoon, I passed a disturbing sight. Heading north on I-215 in Salt Lake a single deer stood in the shade of the interstate overpass. There was just one deer and it didn't look spooked. The above picture is not a picture of the road or the deer, but one I took several months ago. There's no way I could have taken a picture of the deer. It would have made an already dangerous situation even worse.

Consider what was taking place around that deer. About twenty feet in front of it, hundreds of cars, motorcycles and semi-trucks were flying by, all going over 70 mph (the legal speed limit...). The deer could escape that immediate threat by going either north or south and climbing the hill that leads to the onramp or offramp. There's a chance it could get hit taking either route, but it's so much safer than the busy interstate.

I tried glancing in my mirrors to see if the deer had moved and as long as I could see it, it stayed in place. As I drove away, I wondered what was going to happen. It could easily just run into the road and get instantly hit. The thought made me sick. The deer and possibly commuters could die because of its actions. If some kind person stopped and tried to maneuver the animal to safety, they could do just the opposite.

I don't know what happen to the deer. I'll most likely never know. But I hope somehow it got away from the road and made it to safety. All I know is it was just about the worse place that deer could be.

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