Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Many Talents Of Nate Shumate...

Nathan Shumate is a local author, editor, sculptor, and artist who helped out a friend yesterday by selling some pictures he drew then donating the profits to a great cause. He chronicled his participation in the fundraiser on his blog. You can read more about it: HERE

I, without permission from him, copied a couple of the pictures he drew yesterday and included them here. I think they're pretty amazing. I think you'll agree.

I've written about Nate in this blog before. He's a man of many, many talents. When you look at these pictures, you might think that he's first and foremost an illustrator. It's obvious the man can sketch. I don't know if he looked at something while he drew these, or if they grew from just his imagination. I suppose it doesn't matter--they're good either way. But when I think of Nate, I think of him primarily as an author. He's written several books and short stories. He's also an editor and was kind enough to include one of my short stories in his latest edition, Redneck Eldritch

Even though he is many things, he also is a caring soul who gave up his time for another. I don't know Sal personally, but I know many who do. They pitched in to help while he confronts serious health issues. Sal has a GoFundMe page set up and you can access it: HERE

I'm amazed at the talents we've all been given. Some are visible, but many are not. It's also a talent to give of yourself for others. So, Mr. Shumate has that talent, too.


  1. Aw, shucks... And you haven't even heard my singing voice!

    1. "What a lovely singing voice you must have." Dr. Peter Venkman