Saturday, June 11, 2016

Abrams Plumbing...Saved Our Bacon!

Thursday night, just about the time I left work, our water heater decided to die. I don't know about the rest of you, but I certainly took our water heater for granted. Nope, I didn't appreciate it or give it its due respect. All it took was for it to stop working and all that changed.

The last time we bought a water heater was in 2003, the year we built our house and had one installed. At that time I wanted a larger one than the one we got, but such is life. And since we haven't been in the market for a water heater, we had no idea how much a replacement would cost, or how long it would take to get one installed. I learned a lot about both those topics since Thursday night.

Even though everyone had closed up Thursday night, I made some calls. My in-laws replaced their water heater a few years ago, so we tried their guy. No answer. I tried a couple others and got the same response. Since I didn't have to work until the afternoon Friday, I thought I'd be able to contact someone Friday morning and all would be well.

Strange how things don't always turn out like we plan.

I got up and began calling. I checked companies that had good reviews online and when none--none--of them answered their phones, I tried calling all the others. Eventually some answered. Some could come that day, others next week. But what surprised us was the cost. Apparently, the cost of water heaters has skyrocketed in the past couple of years.

A friend contacted us telling us about their neighbor who owns a plumbing company, Abrams Plumbing. We called and they were booked, but they went the extra mile and were able to come out on a Saturday and restore the miracle that is hot water.

So, I'm plugging Abrams Plumbing from Farmington, Utah. Their number is: 801.647.8099. Like I said, over the past couple of days, I've learned a lot about water heaters. Not only do I know what they do, I know about what life's like without them. I've learned how much they cost (roughly...) to replace, and how quickly that can be done. And I've also learned about a local company that worked hard to help us out.

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