Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Today's The Day...For "The Kidnap Plot" Release!

For an author, there are several moments in the process that you dream about, that you work so hard to make happen. Getting the call or an e-mail (in the past it would have been a letter delivered by the post office...), signing a contract, holding a newly-published book in your hand, and the day when that book is released to the public. 

Every author knows (and, if they don't, they will know...) that those amazing moments can be few and far between. Sometimes they don't come at all, even though they've toiled and worried and felt inadequate on more than one occasion. 

That's why I'm so excited about the release of my friend's book, The Extraordinary Journeys of Clockwork Charlie: The Kidnap Plot. It came out today. And you can order your copy at Amazon: HERE, or you can pick up a copy (along with a autograph, and if you're really good, a humous anecdote...) by finding the author at the many conventions he attends throughout the year.

One thing I noticed today on various social media sights was how many are doing what I'm doing with this blog post--helping to promote this book. We're doing that for a couple of reasons. If they're like me, they've been lucky enough to have read the book and are excited for others to have the same experience. But most probably haven't read the book (since it's only now released...) and are getting the word out because they know Mr. Butler. And if you know Mr. Butler, you'll understand when I say the guy's a stud. I only wish more people read my blog so I could reach more people.

The Kidnap Plot is a delightful little story about a spunky boy who becomes an unlikely hero. You'll be cheering as he and his band escape from one predicament to the next, and one day you just might see that book on the shelf and congratulate yourself for picking up a first edition. I know I will.

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