Friday, June 3, 2016

Yeah...I Know, I'm A Sucker For Clicking

Yesterday I was killing some time, doing a little internet surfing, and I came across a picture and a title on the Yahoo Home Page. And I thought, "Nah, they're not that stupid."

And I clicked on the site to see if they were.

After looking at the picture and the title, there's only one conclusion you can draw, and that is: yes, they are that stupid.

Then again...

The internet's been available to the masses for over twenty years. All my kids have never known a life without the internet. One thing humans do is learn, and I believe that Laudable, the organization behind the website story The 13 Greatest NBA Players of All Time, knew exactly what they were doing.

Let's look at the facts.

The story's title was on the Yahoo Home Page and it had a picture of Karl Malone on it. Of course, I'm partial to any Utah Jazz player being noticed for their accomplishments, but in the world of "the best ever," Jazz players don't show up, mostly because the Utah Jazz has not earned a World Championship. So, the fact that they showed a picture of one of the Jazz's best ever, interested me.

I clicked on the story. It wasn't one of those sites that has all 13 players on one webpage. Oh, no. You had to click on the site three or four times to go from one player to another. I should have known when I accessed the thirteenth player that Karl Malone would not be included in this particular list. Number 13 was Tim Duncan. If he's 13, Karl's not there.

But, Karl's picture was on the story. After clicking through several pages, I got to Player #9, Kobe Bryant. And the put Karl's picture on the page.

So, I'm thinking, this Laudable group knew exactly what they were doing. They put in the wrong picture on purpose so anyone with any interest in the sport would know it was wrong. Then maybe people would share their mistake on social media (kind of like what I'm doing now...). And even if they didn't, I clicked on that site so many times to get through all thirteen players. They certainly got their money's worth out of me. And all it cost them was a little embarrassment. 

No, they're not stupid for what they did, but I'm beginning to think I am for what I did.

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