Wednesday, November 23, 2016

A Year Of Big Birthdays...

I don't know when we figured it out--I think it was my wife who first put it all together, but beginning last November 27th and ending today, each person in our family experienced a big birthday.

 It was 361 days ago I turned 50. That began the journey. Each of us then had a big birthday. Of course, I thought mine might have been the biggest, but those big birthdays for teenagers are really big for them.

Today ends the birthday streak with my son finishing it up for all of us. I could do the math to see if we'll ever line up like we've done this past year, but that would make my head hurt, so I won't. I was thinking about how improbable it was. I mean, we didn't plan these things when we began having kids. They came when they came. And we've loved having them and having their ages the way they've been. We couldn't think of having it any other way.

Sunday we begin a new series of birthdays and for the next year they'll be all over the board. I'll start by turning 51. Maybe to some, 51 is a big birthday. I don't know. I know it's not usually celebrated by black balloons and "over the hill" jokes (full confession--my 50th birthday last year was great, and there was really only one "over the hill" joke, a walking cane--very inappropriate...).

I hope our family can look back on these birthdays with fondness and I hope they enjoyed them all. I know I did.

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