Monday, November 7, 2016

Fields Of Barley...Vol. 6

Fields of Barley, Vol. 6

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“I died in my sleep?” the question barely escaped his mouth. “I don’t know if I understand that,” Mark said even as the reality of the event now made sense. “That’s why I’m here, isn’t it? That is why I’m no longer home with Janie. That’s why my back no longer hurts, and why it will never hurt again.” Mark twisted his back the previous week when attempting to move large boxes of memorabilia that were buried deep in the basement of his mother’s house. Ironically the boxes contained Marks stuff, stuff stored since high school, old memories that were never thrown away.

When Mark was alive and contemplated the concept of his own death, he never imagined anything like this. Would the stereotypical beliefs he held come true? And what about all those unanswerable questions he would surely have once he died? “Who will take care of my wife and children? How will my kids pay for college? Will my spouse marry after I’m gone, and if so, how long until they forget about me? Of course the inevitable regrets would surface: “If I could just have one more chance, I would try harder for that promotion, or spend extra money on the air conditioning option, or ask Tracy Lubeck out on a date.” Mark thought he would feel the same way, or ask similar questions when he died, but he didn’t. He thought only of the beautiful girl sitting beside him and the complete peace and tranquility he felt in her presence. The feeling overwhelmed him and he did not wish it to end.

“Anna-Lisa, you said not all people that die go into a room like this. Why is that? Why am I here—why me?”

“The answers you seek are found in the very questions you’ve asked.” Anna-Lisa said in both an authoritative and comforting tone. “The questions you’re asking tell us that you need to be here in this room, but only for a short time. Some things need to be explained first and then you will be able to leave and proceed forward. We need to talk about some important things that happened in your life.”

The statement brought a puzzled look on Mark’s face, a look not lost on his female companion.

“I see you need further explanation,” she said with a warm smile. “There were events in your life you questioned and have pondered throughout your life. Things that occurred to you, things that never seemed normal, correct, right, or even fair. It’s bothered you many times and caused you pain and heartache. When I first told you I was here to help answer any questions you have, this is what I meant.”

Mark turned his attention from Anna-Lisa to the empty room before him, his mind trying to organize the newest volley of information. At last he turned to her and simply asked, “You’ve got to help a little bit.  This is all so new.”

To be continued...

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