Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Fields Of Barley...Vol. 17

Fields of Barley, Vol. 17

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Again Anna-Lisa seemed to have all the answers. “Mark, your mother has been with your wife ever since the news of your passing. You may not know this, but your mother has the deepest respect and love for Janie. At the time she was disappointed in your decision to marry when you did. She did not tell you this but she wanted you to get your degree as soon as possible. She did not want you to make the same decisions she and your father made. They were like you; young, idealistic dreamers who thought the love they shared would allow them to face life together—their combined strength could easily conquer the challenges they would face.

"Only your father did not return to school and finish his degree. Your mother did not want to see you make a living and care for your family through laborious work as did your father, that hard work led to your father’s passing at a young age. Your mother is a proud woman and what she didn’t tell you or anyone else is that she respected Janie and grew to love her even more as she watched the two of you struggle as you finished your schooling. The admiration she has for Janie developed as she saw your wife sacrifice for you, saw her go without many of the things her friends had so that you could get your degree and make your life better. Your mother never told anyone how she felt, but now you know this is true. The grumpiness you mentioned was not due to your spending more time with your wife, but in her realization that she would be a grandmother without a grandfather to share it with.”

Of course Mark knew these words were true. The guilt he felt for his mother vanished—replaced now by a feeling of contentment knowing these two strong women would not only survive but prosper in the raising of his child.

The child…..yes, the unborn child. Mark knew his child would be welcomed into a loving home where love thrived and its welfare would surpass all other needs, but when Mark thought about the child, the deepest feeling of sadness he had yet felt gripped his heart.

To be continued...

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