Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Fields Of Barley...Vol. 2

Fields of  Barley, Vol. 2

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Slowly, ever so slowly the brain inside Mark’s head began to think and logic came into the picture. In Mark’s life logic always arrived and occasionally obliterated tranquil moments, sending potential happiness in a million different directions. But Mark’s mind was quick to note logic had saved him from not only potential happy outcomes, but it also prevented real emotional disasters. There were times in Mark’s life when he ignored logical thought only to be thrown from great heights to the jagged rocks of despair. His experience taught him that when he ventured through life without logic, the resulting pain was too great, too intense for his fragile heart to bear. After all, logic was the only thing that brought comfort to him when his heart was broken several years ago. It was then he realized he had, for a brief moment, abandoned logic and he paid a heavy price. No, logic was needed, it was important; it was a cruel mistress that had become a central force in even his smallest thoughts. He would forever invite—no demand—its companionship to remain with him.  It’s how he’d lived his life.

Logic came. Logic seeped into his consciousness. Logic began to triumph as always. 

“What is going on here? What are you doing here? What is this place?” Each question’s importance grew in intensity until a single conclusion resounded in Mark’s head. “Something big has happened.” Mark said out loud, hearing his audible voice only the third time since this “something big” thing actually happened.

As Mark mulled over this realization, his eye noticed a change in the room. Instinctively he moved his head to the direction of the change and he saw what he believed to be a door open at the far end of the space. Once the door reached the apex of its movement, a figure appeared in the frame. Someone was coming in and would be with him shortly. As the figure moved toward him, walking slowly and deliberately, it brought with it a welcomed sense of peace and warmth.

Suddenly logical thought broke through and Mark felt terrified. He was in a very strange place, alone until now, and someone, or something, was coming toward him for the obvious purpose of joining him. His logical mind was winning and Mark felt this effect scaring him to death.

To be continued...

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