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Fields Of Barley...Vol. 19

Fields of Barley, Vol. 19

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Anna-Lisa turned and smiled at Mark. She didn’t say anything but gave him another hug. Mark hugged her back and all thoughts of self-doubt, pity, and depression left him. Somehow he knew those thoughts would never return. His soul had been cleansed completely; he was forever changed and he knew years of anguish, years of suffering, years of personal grief vanished like smoke in a light breeze. He never felt better in his entire life. 

When the two finally released, Anna-Lisa said, “Mark, you are now ready to go on. Now it is your turn to discover an eternity of wonders that await us all. The passageway is before you and all you need to is rise and walk forward.” Mark noticed a path appearing in the floor directing him to the same corner of from which Anna-Lisa entered. The brightness of the path made it appear as if it floated on air.

Mark stood up and began to walk when he noticed that Anna-Lisa did not move. She remained sitting watching him go. He stopped, turned to her and noticed that she was once again smiling, only this time her smile seemed bigger than ever before. He also noticed tears falling gently from her perfect green eyes. The sight reminded him of the time he asked Janie to marry him and tears of joy fell from his wife's face.

“Are you coming?” he said, more of an appeal than a question.

“Mark, I cannot go that way. My path goes there.” She stood and pointed to yet another corner of the room. Instantly another path appeared similar in brilliance to the one upon which Mark stood. “You must make your journey alone. There are many waiting for you and now it is time to join them.”

He was so full of emotion he wished to have Anna-Lisa share these wonderful feelings with him forever. “No, he said—you can’t go that way.  You have to come with me, on this path. You must stay with me. I mean, you came from that door; you can go back.”

Anna-Lisa left the path on which she stood and crossed over to him. This time the tears flowed freely down her face. “Mark,” her voice tinged with love and respect. “I cannot go with you as I have said. It is time I tell you one more truth, one your heart has known since we first met though your mind had not yet understood. The reason I cannot go with you is because I am being called to leave this place. It is now my turn to go where you have gone, to feel things you have felt, to live where you lived."

She took his hand in hers and continued. “You see, your time away from home is over. You have returned. It is my time to leave home and begin that wonderful adventure called life. Soon I will forget everything that I ever knew, just as you did when you left here and were born on earth. I have waited an eternity for this very moment and my only regret is leaving you here, but I know what lies in store for you. And you know what lies in store for me, don’t you?”

To be continued...

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