Saturday, November 19, 2016

What's Better Than Catching A Beautiful Sunset? A More Beautiful Sunset The Next Day...

Last night I had just picked up dinner (fast food...) when I turned around and saw a beautiful sunset. I wasn't in a location that allowed me to take a wonderful picture of said sunset. I also didn't have my Nikon, just my phone.

I snapped a picture and used it for my Pic Of The Day.

I got some "Likes" and a couple of comments on social media, which always makes me feel good. Even if people don't comment or Like the picture, I know it makes for an interesting thing to look at, at least, that's what people have told me.

But tonight, after my son's friends left the party we had at our house this afternoon, the light coming in from behind the blinds was orange. When that happens, I know what it means. It means there's probably another beautiful sunset just beyond the plastic blinds and glass windows.

I was right.

Some sunsets are targeted in the western sky. They flash brilliance in an area and leave the rest of the sky unaffected. Other sunsets can change the sky orange, but have few clouds to give it variety. Smoke from summer fires can cause those. They're beautiful as well.

Tonight's was kind of a combination of both. To the south, brilliant reds, purples and oranges exploded and then clouds carried the sweeping colors north. Unlike last night, I was in a great spot to catch the totality of what I was seeing.

So, to help get over a tough college football loss, the sky erupted with a treat for the eyes, and the soul.

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