Thursday, July 20, 2017

Catching The Sun...

About a week or so ago I stood on my back porch and snapped a few pictures. Due to the location of the sun, and other factors, I watched as it slowly set in the western sky. I got out the good camera with a zoom lens and caught some of the beauty blazing before me.

It turned out pretty good.

I took several shots. If the porch had been higher, or the trees lower (darn trees keep growing taller and taller...), I could have taken even better shots. But I'm okay with that I got. Each day the sun sets a little more south. It will soon disappear behind Antelope Island until finally, on the shortest day of the year, it will set almost off the island entirely.

Sunsets fascinate me. They're like the biggest work of art on the largest canvas we'll most likely ever see. Some nights are not as brilliant as others, but every inch of land, every drop in the ocean will get the chance to witness a sunset every night. It's a gift, something telling us the day is done so lay down your shovel and rest to prepare for the next day.

I've missed a lot of sunsets, but I try and take pictures of as many of the good ones as I can. I think on my cloud and computer backups I've got more pictures of the sun setting than any other thing.

And I'll be fine for it to stay that way, if I can see pictures like this in my viewer.

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