Sunday, July 9, 2017

Watching Fireworks...Felt Like Old Times

First off, I should say taking photos and videos of fireworks without a tripod at night while it's windy makes for poor photos and videos. But I'm happy with them because they remind me of the way I felt last night. 

And last night reminded me of living on the same street decades earlier.

I've blogged about how we had such a great place to watch fireworks before. We have, in our little town, an amusement park, and it was tradition that on Independence Day and the day Utah celebrates when Brigham Young and the pioneers entered the valley in 1847, for that amusement park (Lagoon) to set off fireworks. 

They were good, too.

Things change. It's been years since put on a fireworks display. When we were first new to the town, back in the 1970s, we had unrivaled views of the fireworks. It was so good, strangers would park on our street to watch the show. My siblings and I were just young kids, a little younger than my own kids are now. Watching Lagoon's displays were a highlight of our summers.

One thing that didn't happen back in the 1970s was a fireworks show from our city. Our town, Farmington, has always had a day to celebrate the community. Back in the day it was called Fiesta Days. Now it's called Festival Days (I've blogged about that, too...). The city sets off our only chance all year to watch fireworks from our house. Last night was the night.

What reminded me of the old days was after the fireworks ended, we heard claps from around the cul-de-sac from children. It's what we used to do--it's what they did last night. It brought back a lot of memories of watching with my brother and sister, and my mom. Glad we're still able to still see some fireworks from our little spot on the hill.

It felt like old times.

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