Monday, July 17, 2017

Just Letting It Die...

This is the second summer I've spent at my work building. I may be wrong, but I don't remember a big dead lawn right in front of our building last year.

I know there's differing opinions about lawns. Some people might like seeing a huge swath of dead grass because it means precious water is being used for other things. We do live, after all, in a desert.

I'm not one that believes the lawn has to be watered everyday, but I think if they watered it a couple of times a week, it could at least be green. It might need more water than that--I don't know. I do know that right next to the lawn is a home where many veterans live. And many of those men have dogs as companions. When the weather gets warm, it's fun to watch the men enjoy a beautiful day with their dogs running around the lawn.

The area is for sale. I don't think that sign was up last year and maybe that's why the lawn is not getting watered. I'm not sure the reason. I do know, it seemed a happier space when it wasn't dying.

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