Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Pretty Sure It's Not Supposed To Do That...

I wasn't sure what I was seeing, because the machine was acting in a way it's not supposed to act. It took me a second to realize that. 

Our break room has four microwaves in the "Microwave Alcove" (that's what I've named it...). Three work--the one with the teal post-it note doesn't, hence the note. I usually use the black one. I don't know why. Maybe because it's different, like the way lions and other predators attack the victims that are unusual. 

But, yesterday I chose the microwave in the upper right-hand corner. I walked up to it, pushed the button that opened the door and took a step back. Opening the door started up the oven. It's not supposed to do that. I'm no microwave oven engineer, but I think the only thing that's supposed to do is turn on the little light. But this time, the inner tray began to turn and the sound that the ovens make when nuking the food kicked in, too.

I closed the door closed as I figured out it wasn't working right. A co-worker came in and saw me standing there. "Those microwaves are haunted. Some people downstairs said that our microwaves are haunted. I think they're right," she said.

I agreed.

I checked it today. It still acted weird. Is it haunted? I can't say. I'm neither a microwave oven engineer or a microwave oven ghost hunter. Chances are, though. Pretty soon there'll be another post-it note on another machine.

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