Sunday, July 2, 2017

Putting On The Driver's Education Instructor Hat...

I have friends who live in California. They have four kids. Where they live people look at then in awe because they have so many children. We have four kids. When they're little you do the things parents of young children do--you help then get dressed. You help them with their meals. You teach them right and wrong (or try to, anyway...). 

But when they get older, you no longer have to worry about then dressing themselves (for the most part, anyway...), feeding themselves, or the other things they do all by themselves. But if you keep them safe, and continue to feed them, eventually they reach the age where they want to learn how to drive.

Several years ago our oldest transitioned from non-driver to driver. I even took a video of the event. Yesterday our daughter got her chance behind the wheel for the first time. For a few reasons, we picked up a car from my in-laws that they no longer use. My daughter and I drove down to the west side of town and drove around a nearly-empty parking lot. She did a great job, even though she herself admitted that we never got above ten m.p.h. As a parent, that's absolutely fine.

I don't remember my mom teaching me how to drive. I remember my brother taking on that responsibility. We went to the west side of town, but we drove on the roads. I didn't hit anything. I counted that as a success. Now, it's my turn to not only wear my "Father Hat," but "Driver's Education Instructor Hat" too. So far, the hat fits well.

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