Saturday, August 5, 2017

Ever Been To ToshoCON? Neither Had I...

I'd never heard of TosoCON before this year. My son had friends who were setting up a booth so we decided to check it out yesterday. What we found was...interesting.


Not that I'm all-knowing when it comes to conventions. All the ones I've attended have a writing component to them. I may be wrong, but I don't think there were a lot of panels on writing at this particular convention. I didn't see a lot of convention attendees with notepads or laptops.

What I did see was a lot of teenagers. ToshoCON was held in West Jordan Utah at the county library. When I think "library" I usually think there's enough room for a convention. I was partially right--they had a nice space, but a couple of hundred teens, many cosplaying, can make even a semi-decent space too small.

The vendor area was nice. There wasn't a lot of diversity as far as selection goes, but that's okay. Those looking appeared to be interested. I hope my son's friends did well at their booth today.

The convention was inside/outside, which was nice, except it was a little warm. And those participating in the karaoke were either drunk (hopefully not since this was a teen anime convention...), lacking in singing skills, or they were unable to hear the music. I hope it's not the last one because the music was a little loud (old man talkin'...). 

We stayed long enough. We saw what was there. Apparently this convention has been going for years, so if my kids decide to participate next year, we'll know what to expect, cosplay, lots of teens, vendor booths, loud music, and iffy karaoke. Sounds like a recipe for fun--if you're a teen and into anime, of course.

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