Friday, August 4, 2017

Flash Fiction Friday's "Follow The Birds" By Reed Rothe...From Immortal Works

I got to do something this week I haven't done in a long time--I edited audio. Maybe that doesn't sound that interesting or exciting (and, to be honest, it's neither...), but editing computer audio files was something I did for years, back when Macintosh computers were only a few years old.

Immortal Works released another short story audiobook today. It's Reed Rothe's Follow the Birds, read by Angela Wright-Stevens. Click the link: HERE and you can hear it yourself. It's only five minutes long. This is Flash Fiction Friday number 34. You can also hear the other Flash Fiction Friday entries, if you feel so inclined.

There was a time when I thought I would end up being a computer audio editor. I enjoyed the work and I got pretty good at it. The most amazing part to me was the Apple program we used. It was called SoundEdit and it was was fantastic! Considering how new Macs were at the time, if possible I would still use that program. I'm sure it would hold up well even now.

A few years after I began this daily blog, I tinkered with a podcast of my own. The episodes weren't long, maybe 20-30 minutes. I ended up edited them all and the editing took a long time. I think that was the main reason I stopped doing it, especially since I didn't have expensive microphones or even an adequate place to record. You do that, you get a lot of pops and clicks. Sure, I can edit them out, but that's why it took so long.

I don't know if I'll get the opportunity to edit any more audio files in the future. I might. If so, I'll enjoy the challenge, as I did this past week.

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