Thursday, August 10, 2017

If You Are On Twitter And A Ute Fan...You Should Follow Andrew Zaugg!

I've admitted before that I don't fully understand Twitter. What's there to understand? You ask. I mean, how hard can a site be that restricts all posts to 140 characters or less?

Good point.

Twitter is an interesting site. I don't spend a lot of time on it. I do post a link to each of my daily blog posts, so I've tweeted at least 2393 times. Actually, I've tweeted a few more times than that, but not much. There are people with millions of followers--I've got just over 1800. And there are people who have posted tens of thousands of tweets, some hundreds of thousands of times. That I don't understand.

I'm not following a lot of people, but not surprisingly, many of those do I follow are University of Utah fans. Utah fans are like fans of other sports franchises. Some are cool, some are goobers, most are passionate, hence "fanatic." There's one Utah fan who I follow that I actually know, Andrew Zaugg, teacher, friend, fellow thespian. I've known Andrew for at least ten years. We've even done a few shows together and he's a good guy.

Last Christmas we found ourselves sharing the stage once again. I talked to him about Twitter. He loves it, and it shows. He's witty, snarky, and bright when it comes to his tweets. He seems to save his best stuff for all things U of U. And, thankfully he's not a jerk fan.

Because the football season hasn't yet begun, and because Andrew's a teacher, he has time to tweet to his heart's content. There's something hypnotic about pre-college football season hype. And Mr. Zaugg dishes it out with the best of them. So, if you're a Utah fan and you're on twitter, You'll mostly likely enjoy his tweets as much as I do.

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