Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Trip With Gandalf...

The big storm hit around 2 p.m. our time and its full glory was on display just about time for the afternoon commute. I found out later the storm that greatly delayed my trip home was named after arguably the most famous wizard in literature, Gandalf (unless, of course, you're counting Harry Potter, which I'm not...). I really don't know why they're naming inland storms like this...maybe it increases viewership on The Weather Channel...I'm sure that's it.

Here's what the storm looked like before I left work.


I consider myself lucky. My 15-minute commute only took an hour. The only thing that didn't work out (for me...) is my car did not have the traction, or an extra 2 powered wheels to make it up my hill. I haven't parked at the bottom of the hill and walked home for years.

The storm from the comfort of my office...

How things looked before I left work...

The long line toward home...

25 m.p.h. on the freeway...not bad

This car didn't make it up the a dead animal at the side of the road.

Basically, this is a photo journal of my trip. Even though it was sort of a pain, I love the snow. And not having to go to work tomorrow morning doesn't hurt, either. Seeing home after the excursion was a wonderful sight. It sure is beautiful out there right now.

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