Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fur-B-Gone, Revisited...

It was cold this morning and I knew when I made the appointment to get our dog's hair groomed that I should have asked for a later appointment, but I didn't, and so I got up early on a day I took off from work to bring the little dog in.

Because I didn't have to go in to work, Janna and I had a chance to chat. She and I used to be part of a bell choir--Christmas was our busy time of year, but we rehearsed every week to get ready. Janna was the one who recruited me to the group. We carpooled together and she and I sat next to each Sunday night in the bonus room above my friend's garage and we sang and rang bells for an hour and a half. Now, I only see Janna every three or four months. Once the hair on our Shih Tzu grows to the point where our poor little dog can't see, that's when it's time to give Janna a call...

As we chatted I snapped a few pictures, and I thought, "I should right a post about Janna and her business." But as I began writing this post, I thought, "I might have written about her before." A quick Cntl F search told me I had.

But, Fur-B-Gone is worth at least another blog post. Janna does a fantastic job. If you're in the area and need the services of a pet groomer, please consider her for all your pet grooming needs. I know we do!

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