Saturday, January 19, 2013

The $100 Gallon Of Milk...

A friend of ours calls Costco--the membership, shop in bulk store--the place where you can pick up a $100 gallon of milk. It's not that the gallon costs $100, but it seems impossible to leave the store without spending at least $100.

I believe the person who came up with this tag for Costco was really onto something, namely, she was basically spot on when it comes to the store. Yesterday we needed to pick up milk and printer toner. Of course, other things fell into the cart...things with evil intent. 

We bellied up to the checkout counter and the total for four gallons of milk (plus the evil extras...) totaled almost $100. And, we didn't even get the toner, which cost a cool $65. Many of you may be thinking, "I wish I could only spend $100 each time I go to Costco." And to you I say, "I hear you...I understand."

All in all, the adage proved true. We did spend $100 going to Costco yesterday. But since we bought four gallons of milk, I suppose we could call Costco the place where we can pick up a $25 gallon of milk.

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