Sunday, January 20, 2013

Rickenbacker's Steak House...Yum!

Two years ago, for my wife's birthday, we decided to try a new restaurant called Rickenbacker's (their website can be found: HERE). My wife's parents joined us and we had a wonderful time. The food was fabulous, and the location was top notch. The restaurant overlooks the Ogden Airport. How cool is that? Very...would be the proper response.

My in-laws called a few weeks ago and wondered if we would like to join them again for dinner to celebrate my wife's birthday this year. Of course...would be the proper response. Last night we ventured out into the cruddy air and had another wonderful time.

It's my understanding that last year the restaurant closed down for a brief period, as restaurants are known to do. Luckily they re-opened and, from what we could tell last night, business was brisk. I hope it remains open.

Looking around, I found they changed the decor a bit. Last time the restaurant had framed photographs of old airplanes and the way the land looked when the Ogden Airport was only a flat field. I could look at those photographs for hours. There are plenty of airplane-themed things to look at if you go, if you like those kinds of things.

I've discussed the building, the decor, but I haven't touched on the food. The food was very, very good, and the most surprising thing to me was how reasonable the prices were. You think a nice steak house and you think meals costing $30 to $50. They did have some expensive meals, but most were under $20...I mean, that's Sizzler prices.

If you haven't gone and are in the area, I highly recommend either Rickenbacker's, or the Doolittle's Deli--haven't eaten there, but heard it's also fantastic. Just food for thought...of food.

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