Monday, January 7, 2013

Partials--A Book Review Of Sorts...

Partial Cover*

 I don’t write a lot of book reviews. Thanks to our local library making audiobooks available, I’ve read a lot of books lately and so before I can think too much about the book I’ve just finished, I’m on to the next. Since they’re from the library, I'm reading mostly classics (I’m reading The Scarlet Letter for the first time now…). However, I came across a book last week by a local author, Dan Wells (his website can be found: HERE). It’s his latest work, Partials

I’ve heard Dan speak several times. He came to fame with his John Cleaver books and I have yet to read those. I also listen to a podcast on which Dan is a participant, Writing Excuses (the website for the podcast can be found: HERE). They’ve (or he’s…) discussed Partials several times on the podcast. I was between books so I thought I’d read my first Dan Wells Novel.

If you’ve heard about Partials and wondered what the book is about, the elevator pitch for the books is: Partials is a marriage between the Hunger Games literary series and the Battlestar Galactica television series. Wells’s dystopian world envelops a community of people trying to survive both a cyborg war and an unseen virus that has decimated the human race. A young brave maternity ward nurse and her friends embark on a dangerous, yet vital trip to New York City, a quarantined island totally inhabited by cyborg soldiers called partials.

Wells creates a believable world where the decisions of the humans and partials alike are reasonable based on their circumstances. There’s action, drama, romance, political intrigue, and plot turns as the story unfolds. Like Dan’s brother Robison Wells’s work Variant, the narrative not only requires additional novels to complete the complicated story, but we, the readers, would like these additional novels as soon as they are written.

Dan Wells’s Partials. A pretty good read…

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  1. I really liked Partials. I love dystopian novels and loved Battlestar too! As I read this, I could "see" it (kinda like a movie) in my head :)