Sunday, January 27, 2013


I was told when the costumer met the cast of the show, that she wanted all men to grow out their hair. Ugh, I thought. That's the second time in as many shows that the costumer gave the men in the cast that instruction.

But there was a glint of hope...the costumer said they wanted the show to have a "modern" look. Yesterday I had a chance to speak with the costumer and I casually asked her if I could shave my head? What's more modern than a bald head. I was glad to hear her say, "Yes." Today I buzzed what little hair I had and then removed the rest with a razor.

I had not cut my hair since August 2012, but you'd hardly know it. It really wasn't that long. I didn't like it--it was long and unmanageable. And I couldn't wear a baseball hat like I usually do. I mean, when I can only grow a narrow band of hair that only goes halfway around my head, I might as well shave it all off. Tonight I'm free from the follicle bonds that bound me. Yeah!


  1. Hi, I am visiting from the Re-Introduce Yourself blogfest.

    Nice blog!

    Kathy M.

  2. My hubby likes a shaved head too -- he doesn't usually bic it (although he has), so there's usually just the tiniest bit of fuzz, any longer and he can't stand it. He's never been in a show, to be requested to grow it out, but he did let it grow when he's gone on the pioneer trek's. He would always love that moment when he could cut it all off again!

  3. WOWSERS! You are totally rocking the bald look. I think you should keep it!

    Dropping by from the RE-Introduce Yourself Blogfest! Howdy-do!

  4. You look like a totally cool biker dude! Your new look rocks!