Monday, January 14, 2013

The Birthday Shirt...

I had a birthday a few weeks ago and for my birthday a new shirt was among the presents. Check it out. It's blue and white and I liked it when I first opened the box.

So, why a blog post about a shirt? Good question. This is the type of shirt that, if I were walking by a display of these shirts in a store, I probably would not have even seen it. I would have said that this shirt is not my "style" even though I have no idea what kind of style I have. For work I wear cargo paints. I found the extra pockets are great for phones and iPods and such. And they're the most comfortable pants I can wear, since jeans are verboten at work (darn dress code...). For shirts, I wear buttoned collared shirts, but I don't usually tuck them in. Maybe that's my "style."

The person who gave me the shirt (my mom-in-law...) said that when she saw the shirt it wasn't something she would normally think would be "me" but she took a chance and I'm glad she did. I've worn the shirt several times since's a good shirt, not too dressy and not too casual. Maybe I ought to expand the definition of "my style."

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