Monday, February 3, 2014

How Does One Play Killer Uno...You Ask?

My wife asked me the other day to write down how we used to play Killer Uno back in the day, which means, back in college. I blogged about Killer Uno years ago, but I didn't explain how we played. I'm going to try and do that now and I hope I succeed.

The basic rules stay the same. Here's how we changed things up a bit:

A big rule--anytime an exact card that you have is played, you can play your card. Example: if a Blue 3 card is played, if I have a Blue 3 card, I can slap my card on the pile as long as I put it there before the next player puts down their card. So, if a Blue 3 card is played and I have two Blue 3 cards, I can match the first, then play the second (it usually helps to say "match" and "play" just to avoid confusion...).

With Plus 2 and Plus 4 cards, they can keep adding up, so a person plays a Plus 2, the next player can play one (if they have one...), then the next player must draw 4, or 6 or 8, depending on if the next player has a Plus 2 card. And, the "Match" rule applies so a yellow Plus 2 is play and you have one, you can play out of turn as long as it's on the pile before the next player plays. Usually a person getting all the cards slams his hand on the pile to stop people from throwing their Plus 2 cards.

This works also for Plus 4s.

We rotated our cards whenever a O card is played (any color...). We rotated in the direction that the game is going, so it we're playing clockwise, the person that will play next gets your cards.

We did have tournaments. We would have different groups playing at the same time. The top two or three players (depending on the number involved in the tournament...) in a group would graduate to the "winner's circle." The losing players would slide to the "other circle." 

And, of course, we kept score! Plus 4s and Wilds/Change Colors were worth 50 points, Plus 2s, Switch Direction Cards, Skip Cards--all worth 20. The lowest score after the pre-determined number of games have been played moves up.

I know I'm most likely missing some of the rules and if so, I apologize. But, come on! It's been over 25 years! If you can think of things we used to do, leave me a message on the blog or Facebook. Of course, I think the best way for me to remember how the game is played is to have another Killer Uno Tournament. What do you say, A'cappella Choir? I hear Bob's house is available...

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