Monday, February 17, 2014

Ladies And Gentlemen, I Present Tom Carr...

One of the best parts of attending a conference is creating and building friendships. Some call it networking, but for me, networking is too informal, too stuffy. The guys and gals I hung out with over this past weekend are friends. 

I met many new people last weekend at LTUE and enjoyed being with others I already knew. And as today was President's Day, my mind wondered to a friend who recently wrote, directed, produced, starred in a show about President Lincoln. My friend's name is Tom Carr.

To put it simply, Tom is amazing! There's really no other way to describe him. I first met Tom at the Salt City Steamfest convention last summer. The table our publishing company rented kept encroaching on Tom's table. Tom never complained, at least, not to me.

Since then Tom and I attended both the Salt Lake Comic Con, and LTUE as panelists. I friended him on Facebook and have followed his posts for several months. He has a project called Pinkertons A Secret Mission and he tried several fundraising efforts to produce the series. So far, he hasn't raised enough to do what he wants with that--and several other--projects.

There is no quit in Tom. The guy's tenacious! I probably would have given up after trying one fundraising effort. Then again, I might not have started up such a project in the first place. I'm just not as brave. You can see an excerpt of Pinkertons on YouTube: HERE. If you get a chance, watch it. It's not perfect and Tom admits as such, but he worked hard and he created it, flaws and all.

Tom and I shared several panels at the conferences we attended. I'm hoping we'll be able to share more in the future. And as I hear him talk about his experiences, his successes and not so successful endeavors, I will sit and be impressed by him. I hope only the best for him because if he accomplished a tenth of all the things he wants to do, I think everyone in the world would definitely know who Tom Carr is. I'm lucky enough to already know.

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