Tuesday, April 29, 2014

And So, It's Over...

Today marks the official end of a monumental project in which I participated. To celebrate we gathered and broke bread and laughed and remembered the past 14 months. For me, the meeting was bittersweet.

Any time there's enjoyment to an activity, there's the opposite feeling once that activity ends. A great movie must ultimately end--even The Hobbit will eventually end. Friendships, marriages will end, at least, in the form we know them. And the project ended. We got a catered lunch a water bottle, and a lot of praise for the work we did together.

Even if the same group of people--everyone who worked on this one--assembled again to slay the next giant beast, it wouldn't be the same. In fact, no one in that room was the same person we were when we first met over a year ago. We're wiser (hopefully...), more educated, but also older. Kids have been born to some, others have lost parents and loved ones. We are different. We've all, in our own way, moved on.

And so will I. After the lunch I got in a car and we drove 30 miles to the north where I now work. It's highly possible I'll never see some of those people again, which makes me sad. But if it wasn't fun, it wouldn't suck when it ends. Thanks, Kevin, for the opportunity.

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