Thursday, April 17, 2014

They Built It And They Came...

You enter and your brain hurts for all the sights to see. You notice one costume and before you get a good look, another one comes in view. You make your way through the crowds and you notice the faces, the faces of parents and their children, of young couples showing their obvious love for each other, of friends taking in every moment of their adventure.

But most of all, if you really look, you notice something else on their faces...smiles. They've come from across town and across the country, vendors and panelists, celebrities and volunteers, all gathered under a huge roof, all gathered in the pursuit of fun.

As people meander, they laugh, they stare, they take pictures of each other, some costumes elaborate, some simple, all chosen to enhance the experience. They shuffle between booths. They wait in line. They sit exhausted as they enjoy a quick bite, all the time watching the masses walk by, all the time commenting to each other as they notice another costume, another alter-ego, another escape.

If you go, look around and maybe your brain will hurt by all there is to see.

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