Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Mayor Of Stafford...A Politician I Can Believe In!

If you know me, you know I love podcasts. Today while listening to a podcast from the Red Eye TV program I was introduced to James Billington, the Mayor of Stafford (find his Twitter page: HERE), and he appears to have what it takes to be a great politician.

How do I know? Let's look at the facts.

When I found him on Twitter, I followed him and within mere minutes he followed me. Translation--he's pro-active!

He's in involved in the community. He was honored to open the Alton Towers for their 2014 season. It's good to see civic leaders take time out of their know, for the people (and their projects...).

He also gets the community involved! His "Find The Mayor Of Stafford Mug" campaign is genius! He provides clues for the citizens and they find the mugs. He's engaging the public, promoting exercise, elevating the voter's visual and intellectual skills, and providing a fun activity to get everyone involved!

If I were in Stafford, I would have rushed to the scene and captured the prize! Too bad thousands of miles and a rather large body of water separate me and Stafford, or I'd be there!

Of course, I would have no idea where the statue of Isaac Walton is, but once I found it, I'd jump on that mug! If you don't know who Isaac Walton is (and I don't...), you can find out about him: HERE. Wikipedia shows his name as Izaak, not Isaac. So, who am I going to trust? Why, the Mayor of Stafford, of course!

But the best thing about James, the Mayor of Stafford, is that he's not actually the mayor. That's right! He's an imposter. Britain's Mail Online wrote a story about and you can find that: HERE. Apparently, many are unamused at the faux mayor's antics. I for one am behind him 100%! 

So, false prince! Keep tweeting! Keep encouraging Stafford-tonians to get out and find mugs! Keep following your followers! Keep bringing a smile to those who "get it" and frustrating those who don't. God's speed, James Billington, my Mayor of Stafford!

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