Friday, April 18, 2014

Friends On Panels...

Many people go to Comic Con to buy stuff, or to get autographs from celebrities, or to just see the people who attend. But then there are others who will go to a room and hear people talk about various subjects. Today's post show pictures of some of my friends and they panels they've been on.

There's a couple of reasons why I'm just showing pictures of my friends who sat on panels over the past two days.

Actually, there's only one reason why I'm making this choice for today's blog post.

It's because I just got home and I'm exhausted.

These are people I respect and who are amazingly talented. I have other friends on panels that are not included here. Hopefully I'll try and get pictures of them as well. Whether or not I use them in a post will be decided later.

Now, if only I had a picture of me sitting next to Kevin J Anderson on tonight's panel, that would be very, very cool.

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