Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dad Is Fat...A Book Review


I admit, I'm a fan of comedian Jim Gaffigan. Maybe it's because we share the same skin pigment. Maybe it's because he's a father of many children--unapologetically so. Maybe it's because, to me, he represents an everyman. Maybe it's because he's just funny. That's probably it.

Gaffigan wrote a book, Dad Is Fat. In this amazing world of YouTube and other internet options, being a fan of a comedian means you can instantly access much of their work, and watch it over and over again. So, with a computer, tablet or smart phone you can watch Jim entertain crowds with his brand of humor.

You can also experience much of his humor by reading his book. He includes many of his best comedic lines when discussing what it's like to be a father of five. Part of the charm of his book is that he wrote it for those who can't possibly imagine what it's like to have five children, let alone, raising them in New York City, in a two-bedroom apartment, while as a performer spending much of his time on the road. While I can't relate to growing up in NYC or having parents in the entertainment industry, I can relate growing up around large families. Where I live, five kids isn't (or wasn't...) considered "large."

I liked the book. If you're a fan of Jim Gaffigan, you will too. However, if you're a big fan of his, you've probably heard a lot of the material before. Then again, how many times do we watch the same comedy special over and over again? For me, sometimes, quite a lot.

* Photo used without permission from: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/16141924-dad-is-fat?from_search=true

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