Monday, April 28, 2014

It's Steampunk Christopher!

Today is Monday which means, Missionary Letter Day at our house. We've got a son out on a mission and on Mondays they can write home and we can send them electronic mail that they'll be able to see. Since we live in this amazing age, we can e-mail photos instantaneously. I told my son I would send him pictures of this month's Comic Con FanX.

What does that have to do with a steampunk-costumed, ukulele-playing Christopher? That's a good question. As I searched through the numerous photos I took of the event (not nearly as many as I could have taken, or should have taken...), I came across a photo of my friend Christopher at FanX. I almost sent this photo of Chris to my son, but I thought, 'No, he doesn't know him.'

As these things go sometimes, my son sent us his e-mail after I sent him my photos. He talked about his week, the work he's doing, and some background about the pictures he sent. He then said in his e-mail that some missionaries were talking about someone they knew who served in Denmark. Then he asked me if I knew a former Danish missionary named Christopher--the same Christopher I photographed at Comic Con. I should have gone with my instincts and sent him the picture of Chris the first time. He would have been blown away!

On the last day of FanX Chris dropped by the booth where we were selling books and he was decked out in his steampunk costume. The best part--he carried with him a fully-functional steampunk ukulele that he made himself. Very cool!

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