Friday, April 4, 2014

Author James Wymore...Double Cover Reveal!

I remember the day when I first met author James Wymore. At the first literary/themed convention (Salt Valley Steamfest Steampunk Convention) I ever attended, the company that published my stories had a table in the convention lobby. Since it was my first experience in this new amazing world, I really didn't know how things worked. I was just stoked to be there. 

James walked in and looked at our setup. I had no idea who he was. Our table was outside the vendor room. I thought it was a good location because everyone coming in the room would see us, but I think being inside the vendor room might have been better for us. 

But James stopped. I remember him standing there, quietly checking out our books. We talked for a  while and he gave me his card. During the three-day event I saw him several times (a regular occurrence at conventions....). We'd say hi and go on our way. I didn't realize until after the convention and I read his bio for the upcoming Salt Lake Comic Con that James is quite an accomplished author. You can access his author website: HERE.

Since Comic Con last year, James and I have chatted several times, and each time I speak with him, I'm more impressed. He is a very "down-to-earth" guy, always willing to talk and help. So when James asked if some of us would be willing to help create a buzz for not one, but two new novel covers, I said I would. Here is the awesome artwork and a little information about each book!

Exacting Essence

Release Date: June 12. 2014

Exacting Essence

Remember waking up late in the night after a nightmare?  Your mother holding you tight and whispering everything would be all right?  She lied.

Evil clowns haunted Megan’s dreams for years.  Even though nobody ever said she was crazy, she knew they were all thinking it.  With her life falling apart, she turns suicidal until a new therapist suggests the impossible: dreams are real.  Nightmares are living, breathing predators, feeding off dreamer’s fears by exacting essence.

Most, of course, forget theirs as soon as they wake up.  Megan is not so lucky.  She is also not so powerless.

But is even a power nurtured in her dreams enough to fight off the horrors lurking just beyond the veil of sleep?


Release Date: May 16, 2014


A man wakes on a frozen battlefield when a scavenging couple finds him among the dead. As they nurse him back to health, he is struck with the horrible realization he can’t remember who he is or anything about his past. Taken in by the kind pair, he begins helping with their farm. She even takes him to meet her family, especially her single sister. The ideal life offered in the high mountains of Winigh is shattered when he sees a transport bringing enemy monsters to the shores below. 

Cut off by high snow on the pass, their fate will soon be the same as the town his company failed to protect in the last battle, if this estranged soldier cannot help them fight off the next wave of invaders. Even worse, the people of the town don’t trust this Selene soldier. He has a strange resistance to their folk magic which some say make him as dangerous as the enemies preparing to destroy them.


Looks like Jame's going to have a busy year, and, for an author, that's the best kind of year to have. Congrats, James and good luck! 

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All other photos, I'm happy to report, are used with permission!

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  1. Thanks, Scott! Looking forward to Steamfest again this year. :) See you at Comic Con!