Monday, April 14, 2014

Yes...It's A Purple Mailbox

Maybe 25 years ago I bought my mom a mailbox because the one she had was in such poor condition, it needed replacing. I picked one with wood on the sides to match the wood deck on her house.

The mailbox stood proudly in front of the house for years until my then brother-in-law built a nice brick mailbox, the brick matched the bricks on her house. He did a great job, but what to do with the old mailbox? We put it in the basement.

When it came time for us to build our house, I dusted off the old mailbox and we used it. It was in desperate need of refurbishing.


So, of course, we painted it purple.

Why purple?

It matched the front door.

After 10 years the mailbox needed re-painting and so we went to Home Depot and picked up more purple paint. Hopefully, it'll be another 10 years until we paint it again.

It's not the nicest mailbox--in fact, it's pretty beat up, but it's another connection to the life I once had, even though it's purple.

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  1. Lynda posted about painting the purple mailbox ... nice to get a picture too! :)