Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy April Fool's Birthday, Son...

He wasn't supposed to be born on April 1st. In fact, we went to the hospital two days early so he would show up on either March 30th or March 31. I mean, do parents want a child born on April Fool's Day?

He had other plans.

40 hours of labor after checking in, our first child changed our world, and his.


Today I worked, the kids had school, and my daughter made a cake. The cats and dog treated the day like any other, and it snowed outside. My son's day was unlike any he's experienced before. He spent his day (most likely...) biking around a desert neighborhood in search of souls.

Had he been home, we would have tried to find some candles and after dinner, sang a song, blew out the flames on the cake and shared another family memory. I'm sure this birthday will be memorable, too--just for different reasons.


No, we weren't planning on having our first son be born on April Fool's Day, but I think he's loved having his birthday today. I know we've loved having him in our family. We miss him now, it's only a short time until we'll be all in our usual spots around the counter, pets meandering around the kitchen, a cake with candles a flame and ice cream slowly melting waiting to be devoured by a hungry family. We'll sing a song, he'll blow out the candles and we'll commence to eating. Happy birthday, son! Love you! Miss you! Take care.

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