Monday, March 31, 2014

Devil's Triangle: The Complete Graphic Novel Launches Today!


Blake Casselman's a busy guy. He writes screenplays, produces movies, wins awards, teaches writing classes, invites people to appear on panels, and single-handedly puts on Salt Lake Comic Con (I made up that last part...). If that weren't enough, he also co-wrote a graphic novel.

Today begins the official book release of Devil's Triangle: The Complete Graphic Novel. 

I really want to help Blake get the word out on this project. In the spirit of full disclosure, I feel I must admit something. I don't believe I've read a graphic novel from cover to cover. I know, I know...I cannot claim "nerd" status now. I'm admitting my shame to the world. As far as this book goes, I don't know the content. I don't know if it's okay for all ages--not quite sure what's inside.

But I do know Blake--the guy's quality so if his name appears on the book, even if I haven't read it, I would love to see it succeed. If you're into graphic novels, I suggest you give Blake's a shot. Better yet, e-mail this blog post to your friends who--like you--also enjoy a good graphic novel. You'll be supporting a very busy man with a lot on his plate. 

And who knows? You may love it so much, you'll hardly be able to contain yourself by waiting for the next edition, and I don't even know if they'll be a next edition. Chances are, however, if you and many others love it, there probably will be. You can pick up a copy in either paperback or Kindle: HERE. Or, at least go to the book's Facebook page and "Like" it: HERE.

Congrats Blake and all those involved! It's fantastic to see a project finally be done!

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