Saturday, March 29, 2014

Jazz Vs Mavs, March 2014 Edition...

A few weeks ago I attended a basketball game between two professional teams. When I say my vantage point to see the action couldn't be better, I'm not kidding. I couldn't get closer to the floor. And the only reason I was able to sit so close was because of a gracious friend. Otherwise, there's no way I'd be sitting there.

I've attended several Jazz games. I once worked for the Utah Jazz Dancers (but that's another story...). But it's been a while since I attended the game armed with a good camera. I took a lot of pictures--I was lucky to attend on the night where the Jazz Bear's birthday was acknowledged. It was fun to see five other NBA mascots entertaining the crowd.

Here's just a taste of what I saw.

The home team played hard, the mascots and Jazz Stunt Team were amazing, but unfortunately the Jazz lost. However, with good friends and great seats, how can you not have a wonderful time? Brian, Phil--always fun to hang with mine brødre! Thanks Jeff and Marlisa--always honored by the invite!

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