Monday, March 17, 2014

Popcorn's Poppin'...Let's Hope The Apricots Survive The Spring

It's as predictable as a February thaw. About the time the buds come out on our apricot trees, the weather gets a bit chilly and we wonder if our apricots will survive the spring. We've only have one tree, only hearty little apricot tree. It's done surprisingly well for such a small tree. Some years the branches almost touch the ground by the weight of apricots.

Still, every year after the buds fall off and the temperatures fall during nights and the occasional snow storm, we have to wait and see if we'll have any fruit at all from our tree. It's a waiting game, waiting to find out if we'll enjoy delicious apricot jam on pancakes, waffles, danish pancakes (crepes...) and æbleskiver.

Tonight I went out to see the huge trench freshly dug to accommodate our new neighbor's house and I saw our little apricot tree. As I took pictures of our tree it began to snow. Will we have apricots to enjoy later this spring? We'll see, because cold temperatures are as predictable as a February thaw.

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