Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Lasts And The Firsts...

There's a Biblical phrase that goes something like, "the first shall be last and the last shall be first." For me, it's always been one of those vague scriptures that probably means half a dozen things. Mostly, I think of the phrase when I'm standing at the back of a long line that's not moving and I think that if I could apply the scripture, then I--being last--would suddenly be transported to the front of the line...a last to be first, situation. Funny how that never happens, though.

Therefore, should I question my faith in scripture?

No...I'm pretty sure that's not what Matthew was talking about.

So, why am I talking about lasts and firsts? It's been on my mind lately. Last week our family had a lot of "lasts." Last weekend, last church together, last Family Home Evening, last dinner. All that occurred before last Wednesday.

Beginning last Thursday, we entered a world of "firsts." First night with five, first day of school with five, first weekend, first church tomorrow. Today we received another first, first letter from our son. We all gathered around and I read it to the family. Remember when people used to communicate by either telephone or via written correspondence delivered by the post office? It's a glorious feeling, if you've never experienced it.

Soon, I'll most likely stop thinking in terms of lasts and firsts and events in life will That is, of course, until he comes home. Then the prisms of last and first will probably return.

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