Sunday, March 16, 2014

Blog Hop No More...?

For the past year and a half I participated in something fun, something that pushed my creative side and hopefully, entertained. It was the Writer Wednesday Blog Hop and after searching on a few websites, the Blog Hop might be done.

My first try with the Blog Hop occurred on May 31, 2012. Back then the goal was to incorporate five random words and a picture. There was a 500-word maximum, the five words had to be used and there was a one-week time limit. That original story I wrote can be found: HERE. The title of my story was, Moor Conversation In Fog..." If it weren't for fellow author, Randy Lindsay, I wouldn't have ever found the website so I thank him for that (you can access Randy's website: HERE).

Last year the format changed just a little. The required five words were swapped for another picture. So now two pictures were used to inspire creativity. The 500-word limit and one-week time period were still in place. I liked the changes, in a way. However, it was fun trying to cram in those blasted required words into the story and I loved seeing how other authors used theirs.

Sunday nights became my usual time to write. I had time to allow my mind to wander, the story to percolate just a bit. And so tonight I searched the four gals who took turns to host the Blog Hop. I found no new pictures, no new posts. One host is taking a break from any blog posts (she's had a rough year...), and another host decided to no longer participate in the Blog Hop.

Is this the end? Has the activity that even spawned an e-book which included several of my stories as well as a story written by my son? I hope not, but people are busy and sometimes it's best to allow things to end. If this is indeed the end, it's been a great ride!


  1. I was wondering the same thing - I looked forward to contributing most weeks and reading what others had written. Let's hope we can find something else to keep our creativity going.

  2. P.S. I do join in with a monthly hop which has a theme and a max of 1,000 words, lots of interesting members and contributors. here is the link for you to look at

    1. Thanks Sally! I got an e-mail from Tena--seems she and Luann want to keep it going! So we'll see! Of course, I could get off my tail and do something myself...