Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Picture On A Wall...

Many buildings have pictures hanging on their walls. Perhaps the most famous is the post office where photos of criminals are displayed so everyone waiting to send letters and packages can look at their faces and wonder if those people are wandering about the general populace just beyond the walls of the federal building. At least I used to think that when I was a kid and we'd hang out in the post office for fun (can you even imagine that?).

Now the most prominent pictures of people in the post office are photos of local service men and women defending the country. Personally, I like the latter collection.

Inside stores pictures of employees grace their walls, especially showcasing distinguished employees whose good work needs recognizing. 

And in church buildings there are many pictures of people, some photographs such as congregational leaders, or artistic representations of historical figures, Jesus and the Apostles is a popular choice among the churches in our area.

Like the pictures of service men and women in the post office, our church has photos of those dedicating their time and talents to the betterment of others. I've seen these photos--many times mounted on a plague--for years, other people's children, or parents living hundreds or thousands of miles away, their daily lives so much different than our own.

Most will pass the wall, as I did for all those years, glance at the name and where the people are serving and not think much of it, other than they hope they are safe and well. Today as I passed the same hall I've walked thousands of times before, I looked the pictures differently. I think I'll never look at those pictures the same again for as long as I live, no matter which building, no matter which church, no matter which names and their beautiful faces appear for all to see. I am forever changed.

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