Monday, March 24, 2014

To Park A..."Car"

This is what I saw it as I left work this afternoon, a single vehicle in the corner of a parking lot.. It looked lonely and it got me wondering. Why was this "car" parked by itself in a sparsely filled lot? Could it be that the parking lot was full and when I came upon the scene everyone but the black one had left?

Not likely.

The parking spaces go perpendicular to the street, not diagonal as shown by the parked example seen in these pictures. My next thought was that maybe the owner maybe ran out of gas as he maneuvered his "car" to park properly in the lot.

Again, not likely.

These things are supposed to get excellent gas mileage so the likelihood the engine actually stopped working due to the lack of fuel is remote at best. Which leaves only one option, that being the most obvious.

The driver parked his "car" in a spot where no one would ding it with their door as they exited or entered their own vehicle. But really, the owner of the little black "car" didn't have to worry about this happening. I doubt many other divers would park by the "car" anyway.

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