Wednesday, March 19, 2014

No, These Here Are Farmington Rocks...

My neighbor and I were up on the hill a couple of days ago looking at rocks, big, heavy, beautiful rocks.


"I love Farmington rocks," he said. I pointed to some rock work done a few years ago further up the hill. "What about those? Those are nice," I said. My neighbor saw what I was pointing at and said, "those look like Ogden rocks. I mean, they're nice, but they're not beautiful like Farmington rocks."

My neighbor's right.


I decided to go and take some pictures of the patterns on some of the boulders. I'm sorry these photos can't capture how pretty these things are. Farmington does have a lot of old pioneer homes build out of rocks and there are building restrictions in the city limits requiring rocks be used to cover parts of certain types of new buildings. Yes, we in our little small town love our rocks. It's because, like my neighbor said, "they're beautiful."

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  1. I like your close ups! My dad used to collect rocks from the mountains (you could get a permit for it) and created a fireplace from them in the house, and a waterfall in the backyard. My daddy really liked rocks!