Thursday, March 6, 2014

Paying For Spam...And Not The Salted Pork Product

Spam...I've got a couple of e-mail addresses and occasionally, I get a spam e-mails that reach me. I know others who hate spam, but for me, it's not that bad. I just use the Mail apps on my phone and MacBook so I don't have to even read them. For me, Spam has been no big deal.

But my attitude changed about a year ago. That's when I paid for my first website, the one that I use for my official author website. I haven't utilized it that much, but who knows what the future will bring? Like e-mail addresses, I've got a few blogs,--mostly through Blogger, but I've only paid for one--that one's through WordPress. So what does a paid website and spam have to do with each other?


When I first began my author website, I got a couple of nice comments from friends and well wishers, which I authorized and you can still find them on my site, HERE.

But then came the "other comments," the spam... The problem is, I cant' stop it. It's like digital dirty dishes that need to be cleaned up regularly or they pile up. And how much spam piles up?

Last month I had 1500 spam comments which translates to 1500 spam e-mails between November 11, 2013 and February 15, 2014. The 240 message I have now are about three week's worth. I wouldn't mind so much except...

I pay for that frickin' website!

I also run this daily blog and I've never got a spam comment or e-mail from Blogger, so basically I'm paying for the privilege to be bombarded with spam. Fun.

I checked WordPress to see if they have any anti-spam add-ons that I can use. They sure do, but, wouldn't you know it? I have to pay for that service.

So, for now, I'll keep deleting e-mails and clearing the comments from the website. Maybe one day I'll do something more.


  1. I just use blogger, and my two bloggers really don't have a big readership. I've gotten a couple of spam comments on my family blog over the years, but haven't had any on my fitness blog yet (it's been up almost a year). I don't even have that annoying captcha going either :)