Saturday, March 22, 2014

Two Local Authors...Two Dystopian Worlds


This month I read two books by two local authors, local authors who, because of their incredible talent, appear to be doing well. They both know how to tell a good, engaging story. They both have created believable worlds, and the stories I read are not limited to one book. Luckily for me (and everyone else...), there's more to read from both.

And both authors wrote about dystopian realities. Dystopian genres fascinate me! I've started a few stories where the future of humanity has bought the farm and survivors struggle to survive. There are similarities between the two stories. Climates have changed, governments have broken down, and the remaining humans have devised methods to get through their days alive.

Dan Wells's book, Fragments is the second in a trilogy and James Dashner's The Maze Runner is the first of his series so there are differences between the two. Wells set up his world in his first book Partials so his world is continuing. Dashner sets us in the middle of a world as foreign as possible where we know as much of what's going on as the main character. Having your memory swiped can do that to a person.

I enjoyed both books. Wells's first book in his series is more involved than Dashner's, but to be fair, Partials takes place on the eastern seaboard of the United States and involves several different communities, where The Maze Runner is contained almost exclusively in a huge, mysterious maze. Later this year you'll be able to see The Maze Runner on the big screen. I LOVE to see any author succeed, but it's even sweeter when they're local.

We have a lot of local authors and in the past few years I've gotten to know many of them personally. These are not "downer" people. In fact, most are downright cheery. I guess, for some, happiness (and success...) can be found at the expense of fictional characters.

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