Friday, March 7, 2014

Bike Be Gone...

We knew the new year would bring new changes to the family, but I didn't know I'd be boxing up a bicycle and shipping it to California. That's what we did today.

Before I started, I thought 'it can't be that hard. I mean, bikes are shipped across the country and the world every single day.' And, to be honest, it really wasn't a big deal. Thanks to the studs at Biker's Edge Bike Shop in Kaysville, Utah (see their website: HERE), we were able to get a box. Really, that was the toughest part. And be warned bikers--they have a very dangerous store!

As a kid, a bike was my transportation. We put together so many bikes over the years. From the Schwinn Stingrays to the first-ever BMX bikes, we rode everywhere.

My kids--not so much. There's just more for kids to do at home nowadays. Truth be told, if I could play video games and watch pretty much whatever movie or TV show on demand, it might have kept me in the house more, too.

I broke down the bike and stuffed it in the box. I called a good friend Tyler Servoss to come over and inspect my work. He gave me the "thumb's up" and he should know. He's raced bikes for decades.

This morning we drove to the post office and sent it off. In a few days it will find a new home in California. We pray it will offer transportation, safety and won't get ripped off. I can live with the last one...

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