Saturday, March 15, 2014

Congratulations, Author Hovley!

When a friend has a book release party, there's more to it than just an author sitting at a desk signing books for friends, family and interested parties. There's the hours of wondering, of fretting, of worrying if everything is as good as it could be. All this, of course, after the countless time in front of a computer creating the story.

It's overwhelming to think of all the things that go into creating a book, and so when someone celebrates by holding a book release party, it's an honor to be included in that celebration. Today my kids and I were able to attend Margot Hovley's release of Glimmering Light, the follow up to Sudden Darkness. Both books can be purchased on Amazon: HERE and HERE.

We bought the book, a signed copy, took some pictures and I enjoyed a delicious chocolate brownie compliments of Margot's aunt (yum...). We left to allow others to offer congratulations and to share time with the author. Seeing more and more of my friends finish their stories and share them with the world, I'm noticing something, something the authors seem to share. In addition to their excitement, I'm seeing a sense of relief. Well done, Margot!

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