Friday, March 28, 2014

So, Are You A Professional Photographer...?

I took my son to a seminary meeting this morning in Syracuse. After a while I decided to take my camera outside and looked for something interesting to photograph.

"Are you a professional photographer, or what?" the teacher ask me as came back in after taking a few pictures, camera in hand and I waited for class to be over.

"No, not really. I just look for interesting stuff to shoot," (in a non-2nd amendment way...). My son was done and we drove home. On the way I thought about the photographer comment.

Am I a professional photographer? 

Well, my pictures have won awards--county fair, but hey! They were awards! And I was "hired" by a friend to shoot several triathlons last summer. Didn't quit get payment for that, but that's okay. I did it for free and it was a great experience, great opportunity to learn.

I found an irrigation ditch and some tumbleweeds. It was bright outside so I didn't know how they turned out until I downloaded the pictures into my computer.


Do I think anyone will pay me for these pictures? Most likely, no. But if I only took pictures that I knew I could sell, I'd probably not use my camera much, if at all. Sometimes I just like to remember how beautiful this world is.

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